The best part about writing is really to educate yourself. I don’t want to be anybody’s expert. I came in to learn.

Ta-Nehisi Coates, NY Times.

Here you’ll find the collection of literary, creative work of Kacy Gilbert, writing as Remontz.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

A new short story will be added weekly.

In addition poems and novels are on the way. 💯


I’m an amateur writer so comments & criticism are welcome and appreciated. **Click the logo below to support me on WattPad 👍🏾**

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Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Latest work

  • Star Child III
    Aron rubbed the fuel tank that sat just below his chest. The 650cc, twin-cylinder, light-weight classed feat of race engineering that he sat atop was prepared for the mountainous adventure that lay ahead; he prayed one last time, hoping that he was ready as well. The third-signal sounded, instructed everyone that the race was fifteen minutes from starting.
  • The Order II
    …..The song bird was still there just as Kam had hoped. He slid on next to the carcass and hugged it tightly; although she screamed and beat at him with a closed fist, Kam thanked Sophia for not allowing him to eat the bird. They sprinted back to the basement, trying their damndest to beat the sunset, story end……
  • Among Us V (Part 2)
    …..”I figured we could do something fun before we went to jail for the rest of our adult lives…”, Kora said taking the first slurp from her smoothie. “It’s a horror movie…” “You wanna watch a scary movie before we go to jail?” Rose shot back rhetorically. “I mean…we’re not going to jail! Sure why not?” “That’s my girl!”, Kora leaped with joy and snatched the card from Rose’s fingertips. “It’s called Dark Days…”, she informed as she slid the card into the back of the television remote; the film began to stream moments after she slid her thumb across the remote screen face……

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